Red Card and Yellow Card in Football

Red card and yellow card in football are fundamental tools referees use to maintain order and discipline on the field.  In this article, we overview what each card entails and their implications for players and teams. Football Red Card In football, a red card is a disciplinary sanction given to a player by the referee….

Indoor Football Review

This article takes a detailed look at indoor football, often referred to as arena football. We explain indoor football, discuss the goals, the pitch, and the ball, and compare it with other football variants. What is Indoor Football? Indoor football is a variation of eight-man gridiron football played indoors on a smaller field than American…

Football Philosophy Explored: Tactics, Identity and More

Football philosophy is the guiding force that shapes the captivating fusion of skill, strategy, and passion, extending far beyond the boundaries of the pitch. Beyond the sheer athleticism, football becomes an intricate dance guided by a team’s philosophy—a unique set of principles defining its approach to the game.  This article explores the intricacies of football…

football pool rules
Football Pool Rules

So you want to run your own NFL survivor pool this season, huh? As commissioner, you’ll organise all the football pool rules and logistics to ensure everyone has a fair shot at the pot. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Running an NFL survivor pool is easier than you might think if you establish and…

table football rules
Table Football Rules

When you walk into a bar, sports house, or any entertainment joint, you will most likely find a table football. It’s a very popular game that is relatively easy to play. However, before joining a tournament or playing with a friend, you need to understand a couple of table football rules. These rules are enforced to make…

Disabled player
Powerchair Football Rules

Powerball football is a special and unique sport that provides chances or opportunities for individuals with high impairment levels to enjoy playing soccer. The sport only allows active team participation in the competitions for individuals using a powered wheelchair. It’s the best soccer game you can enjoy when having any disability. Nevertheless, it’ll be wise…

Football Warm up Exercises

According to the rules, if you do not begin your football game with a brief warm up or football stretches, you are doing it completely incorrectly. Football warm up exercises are vital for preparing your body to withstand the game’s stresses and reduce the likelihood of injury. According to the manufacturer, it reduces muscle tension…

Radball cycle football match
Cycle Ball Rules

In recent years, cycling football (radball) has massively gained popularity as one of the most common indoor games in Europe. Not only is it an exciting sport to watch, but it also comes with huge benefits for betting enthusiasts. Soccer with bikes involves two teams playing football while riding a bicycle across the basketball field,…

three players form two teams and one ball
Blind football rules and regulations

Football is one of the popular games loved by many. Most people are familiar with the normal football matches, how they are conducted and the rules guiding the game. Since it is a fun game, everyone can participate regardless of their body abilities and disabilities. Virtually impaired or partially sighted football is a special type…