Disabilities, deformities and medical conditions are not supposed to hold someone back from achieving their most authentic self. Famous football players with disabilities (read about powerchair football) have overcome these challenges and accomplished massive things in their favourite sporting activities.

How many football players have been paralyzed?

10-15% of all football players have experienced spinal injuries.

What is pan disability (in) football?

These are all forms of disability in football.

What disabilities can players with play football?

Players with all kinds of disability can take part in football.

Can disabled people play soccer?

Yes. Disabled people can play soccer.

Can disabled people play American football?

Disabled people can play American football though there are limitations to how they will be allowed to play.

Following are some famous footballers with disabilities but did not let them get in their way. They have done marvellous things in their lives and made it clear that disabilities should not be why people avoid reaching for greatness.

They have made an impact in the football world by overcoming their disabilities and showing the world they have talent that needs to be seen. Let’s now take a look at the famous football players that brought inspiration to the world despite their condition.

Famous Football Players With Disabilities

Edgar Davids

Edgar Steven Davids is a Dutch professional footballer and is currently a coach. He has played for great teams such as AC Milan, Barcelona, Juventus, Inter Milan, Tottenham Hotspur, and Ajax. Edgar is easy to recognize when on the field owing to his dreadlock hair and protective goggles, which he had to wear due to his disability.

famous football and soccer players with disabilities

He suffered from glaucoma, which he did not let get in the way of his greatness. He was known to be combative and very energetic while on the field and to have a hard tackling style while playing.

His energy and creativity on the field are evidence of the fact that he was still able to be exceptional as a player despite having glaucoma. This should encourage the rest of us to try and be good at what we do since this is what we can do. Currently, Edgar is not acting as a player, but he plays his role as a coach.

Mane Garrincha

Born Manuel Francisco dos Santos, Garrincha was a Brazilian football player who played the right winger. He is a professional player and regarded as one of the best players. Others recognize him for his exceptional dribbling skills. His skills were globally recognized in the 1958 and 1962 world cup victories by Brazil.

how many football players have been paralyzed

For instance, Pele was injured in the 1962 world cup, and Garrincha took his place, leading Brazil to victory. Garrincha had the congenital disability of a misshaped spine, and one leg was shorter than the other. This would cause the right leg to point inwards while the other leg pointed outwards.

Despite this defect, he was still a good player, and the performance that he put up on the field won him many awards. Many European teams tried signing him into their teams once he had gained recognition. This is all owing to the great dedication and a level of skill that is hard to match.

Alex Sanchez

The Spanish striker has some of the best football skills, and you will be fascinated by the performance that he showcases while he is on the field. He is hardworking and is also known for his intelligence.

footballers with disabilities

Alex was born with one hand but did not let this get in the way of achieving the best in football. He is also a passionate academic and has a law degree. As a striker or a midfielder, he portrays the best show of talent on the field, acting as inspiration for the many others that are feeling inhibited by their disabilities. His intelligence is evident both on and off the field and in academics.

Cliff Bastin

Bastin had difficulty hearing which deteriorated as he got into his playing career. Despite the deafness, Bastin could still play and score as many goals as he could. He is one of the famous soccer players with disabilities. He was also part of the war effort but was discharged as his hearing problem became more serious.

Cliff stopped playing after a knee injury, but during his active playing life, he proved that he could perform an excellent performance and show the world how talented he was.

Robert Schlienz

He went to war before his football career even began. During the war, he got a bullet, which shattered his face. However, this earned him a graceful discharge and allowed him to join his football career.

soccer players with disabilities

He was then in a car crash leading to his arm amputation, and this, to the world, seemed to be the end of his career. However, this did not stop him from getting back on the pitch, where he was able to show the world how good he could play while on the field. The fact that he could get back on the pitch after the car crash is evidence of Robert’s will, courage, and passion for the game.

Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks was involved in a severe car crash in October 1997, causing him to lose all sight in his right eye. 34 at the time, he retired for four years but eventually returned to the game. He was a goalkeeper and was known to be exceptionally talented. Despite his eye problems, he could handle his position on the field quite well. And his talent was evident in how he handled himself on the football pitch.

Hector Castro

Yet another football legend was one-armed, but this did not dim his career. Even with one arm, Castro was still strong and talented; this was evident in his playing on the field. He was a robust striker gifted and scored goals for Uruguay in various tournaments.
His strength was apparent when he was on the field, as he could efficiently perform well and achieve goals for his country. Castro was talented, and his physical disability did not deter him from getting onto the football field.

football players with disabilities


Physical disabilities are not meant to keep people from achieving greatness. It should enable them to show the world how good they can be despite the deformities and conditions that they suffer from.

The above players struggled with physical disabilities (disability football overview), but this did not keep them off the field. They were talented and made an impression in the football world through their playing. True talent always shines despite the odds. And these are just some people who have shown their exceptional nature on the field.

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world (read about why is football better than basketball). It’s also one of the most complex. To win a soccer match, you need to think fast and make quick decisions. That’s why it’s essential to know how to offsides in soccer. In this article offsides in soccer explained.

offsides and offside meaning in football

Offside is when a player is on the same team as the opposing team but not playing on their own goal. Offside meaning in football is very essential. To prevent your team from scoring, you must be able to spot the offside player and move quickly to the other side of the field. If you succeed, your team will score, and you will be awarded a point. Every football player should understand all soccer offsides rules. 

Offsides in Soccer Explained + 10 Tips

1. Know where the ball is.

Every player needs to know where the ball is on the field because if you are in the right place, you will see the offside player before seeing you or your team. If you are in a good position and can see the offside player, move quickly to your side of the field. It would be best to never run across the area with an offside player because that will draw a foul call on your team. Instead, keep running to your side of the field until you can get back into position and stop an opposing goal from being scored. This rule of offside in football may keep changing after every season. 

2. Don’t make eye contact.

When you are in the proper position on the field, you should look directly at the offsides in football players. However, if you make eye contact, they will probably spot you and run towards your goal to get a shot on the plan. Avoid making eye contact with offsides in soccer player by keeping your head down and looking at the ground instead of the players’ eyes. It will be harder for an opposing player to spot you when you look at the ground.

offsides in soccer explained

3. Don’t move until you see what is happening around you.

If no one is near you and no one is moving towards your goal, don’t move until something happens that tells you to move. For example, when you see a player get a shot off on goal, that is when you should move. Likewise, if an opposing player gets a shot off on purpose and misses the net, it is okay to move because you are not in danger of being scored on.

4. Don’t run towards the goal if there is no one near your goal.

When there is no one near your goal, it is okay to run towards it so that you can make a save. However, this is only if no other players near your goal might score on your attempt at a save. You should never run towards the goal if other players are nearby because they might score on your move towards their goal.

5. Don’t run towards the goal if other players are nearby.

If you see an opposing player near your goal, don’t run towards it because they might score on your move towards their goal. If there are no other players near your goal and you still want to move towards it, try to create distance between you and them so that they will not score on you.

soccer offside rule of offside in football

6. If a player is heading towards your goal, don’t try to block the shot.

If an opposing player is heading towards your goal and you can make a save, it is okay for you to try to block the shot. However, if other players nearby might score on your move towards their goal, it would be best for you to stop moving towards their goal and instead move back towards your own goal.

7. Don’t stand in an opponent’s way of a pass into the goal.

If you see an opposing player standing in your way of a pass into their own goal and they are not trying to make a play on the ball or pass the ball, then it would be best for you to move out of the way of their path.

8. If you can make a save, don’t try to pass the ball or kick it towards your opponent.

If you are in a position to make a save and an opposing player is nearby, it is okay for you to try and pass the ball or kick the ball towards them so that they will not be able to score on your move towards their goal. However, if other players nearby might score on your move towards their goal, it would be best for you to stop moving towards their goal and instead move back towards your own goal.

soccer offsides rules

9. Don’t throw the ball out of bounds or into your own goal.

If you are in a position to make a save and an opposing player is nearby, it is okay for you to try and pass the ball or kick the ball towards them so that they will not be able to score on your move towards their goal. However, if other players nearby might score on your move towards their goal, it would be best for you to stop moving towards their goal and instead move back towards your own goal.

However, if an opposing player is in a position to score on you while you are in the act of making a save, it would be best for you to throw the ball out of bounds or into your own goal.

10. Don’t try to pass the ball or kick it towards your opponent.

If an opposing player is in a position to make a save and you are nearby, it is okay for you to try and pass the ball or kick the ball towards them so that they will not be able to score on your move towards their goal. However, if other players nearby might score on your move towards their goal, it would be best for you to stop moving towards their goal and instead move back towards your own goal. This soccer offside rule is significant in football. 

If an opposing player is in a position to make a save and there are no other players nearby who could score on them, it would be best for you to try and pass the ball or kick the ball away from that player so that they will not be able to get the ball and score on you.


Offsides in soccer are a fundamental rule for soccer, especially in the penalty area. Soccer is a team sport, and it requires cooperation between players. If two or more players could score on an opposing player, then the opposing player must not move towards the ball; instead, they must wait until no other players nearby could score on that opponent. The offsides in soccer explained well above. 

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The world of sports has several games, each with a set path that draws unique entertainment to both players and fans. For example, football and basketball are some of most games played around the world, each with fans glued by the culture of those games. Statistically, football is the most popular game in the world, with more than 3.5 billion fans. Most fans of football come from Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. With more than 400 million fans, basketball is mainly recognized in America and other parts of the world. Although those games bring about joy, entertainment, and much fantasy in sports, which is better, football or basketball? Or can you compare football vs basketball?

❓ Which sport is harder: American football or basketball?

The harder sport is American football. It requires more physical fitness and better skills.

❓ Which sport is harder: football (soccer) or basketball?

The harder sport is football (soccer). Its players have to be faster and the rules of the game make it much harder for them to score at least one point.

Which is better football or basketball?

That is the question that has been challenging most individuals in the field of games. But to be sincere, everyone will have their own and unique views regarding this debate agenda. If you ask any fan of one of those games, “football vs basketball, which is better” the supporter will pull the advantage on what they support. That definitely can tell the goodness of a game; whether football or basketball depends on the individual differences. Some will say football is better than basketball based on a particular perception, maybe the mode of play, rules surrounding the game, or the fan that comes out of the game.

Is football better than basketball?

Both basketball and football are dynamic and fun sports in their own unique and specific ways. No one of them can replace the other. The intensity, drama, strategy, and athleticism that the sports possess are unmatched; hence hard to tell which is the best. So, it simply means that both sports are better in their unique way. Depending on the individual likeness and preference, football can be a better sport. 

Why is football better than basketball?

Although both games are better, here is why football is the best sport over basketball. 

which is better football or (vs) basketball - ball at the goal

a. Football keeps players physically fit than basketball.

Football has a lot of running compared to basketball, and the playground is larger. Running and kicking increases stamina, improves bone and muscle strength, and reduces body fat. On the other hand, although there is running in basketball, it is not so complicated. Generally, football engages almost every body part, which keeps players fit.  

b. Football is a universal or global sport. 

Although people similarly love all sports, football has the most love from people across the globe. Unlike basketball, football has acquired more attention and value on international platforms. For instance, over two hundred countries engage in the sport and play global tournaments. Additionally, more people know about football than about basketball.

Grass ball and the player

c. Football has no height limit.

The other feature that makes football better than basketball is that it does not limit or restrict height. That means that anybody, regardless of their height, can engage in the sport. You can effortlessly play football even if you are five or six feet tall. However, basketball-only needs individuals who are six to seven feet tall therefore restricting others from playing it. 

d. Football has no seasonal restrictions. 

Football does not have any offseason, meaning that players can play soccer all year round; summer, winter, autumn, and spring. Conteaily basketball only has its playing seasons during autumn and winter. 

why is football better than basketball - two teams

e. Football fans have a larger presence.

Unlike basketball, soccer’s fan base is enormous. There are millions of soccer fans internationally who cheer for their teams. basketball, on the other hand, does not have as rich a fan base as soccer. 

f. Soccer has less scoring, which makes the goals more exciting.

Football has less scoring; this makes the game even better and interesting as the team’s rival towards scoring. But in basketball, scoring is easy; this means every goal shot is less exciting. Additionally, due to reasons like missing the shot, great goalie, or defense, it is pretty challenging to score a goal. So, when a team makes a goal, fans become more excited. Fans often build excitement and eagerness for a goal since goals are hard to make. 

g. Football has a more profound and richer history.

Football dates back to over two thousand years in England but also other countries like some, ancient Greece, parts of Central America, and China, played it. The sport quickly expanded and gained popularity in different countries and became a global sport. Due to its rich history, it has become better than basketball. Basketball was started in 1891 by a physical instructor looking for a sport with fewer injuries. 

Is basketball better than football?

Yes, from the perception of the nature of the two games, basketball is better than football. For example, football has an intense collision of players and much use of extreme efforts that basketball lacks. But to support the argument that basketball is better than football, here are some main reasons.

The player hits the basket

Why basketball is better than football?

a. Low occurrence of Injuries 

Basketball is a game where players find it easier to navigate through opponents than football. It is a game meant to use less effort but full of incredible skills. Collisions in football among players are high compared to that of basketball. Even if injuries occur during basketball play, they won’t be severe like that of football.

b. It needs small space to play

Unlike football, you can play basketball in a small space like a showroom; you need just a ball and a hoop.

why is basketball is better than football - a player throws the ball into the basket

c. Easy during Tournaments  

Tournaments with basketball games can take a shorter period, and many teams get involved because hoopers frequently can play several more games than football players. In other words, footballers find it harder to play consecutive games or several games in a day than hoopers find it easy in basketball.

d. Basketball has no specific number of players to start a match

Unlike football that requires a particular number of players for a game to be complete, basketball does not. You can shoot alone, or with a friend or as a group. Regardless of the number of players you have, you can play the sport.

e. Basketball has simple rules. 

Unlike football, basketball has simple rules. Football rules are very situational and complicated, but basketball’s rules are simple and easy to learn. 

Football vs Basketball – Conclusion

Comparing which is better, football vs basketball can take a wide response because how one views each game is not the same way the other individual does. Although in some cases, we can agree football is better than basketball or basketball is better than football when there is a consideration of a single perception, for example, the physical contact in each game. Therefore, to assert one game is better than the other, some ideas should be considered and compared to come out with a solid agreement.

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In all sports, football is the most loved game by many, with an estimation of more than 3.5 billion fans. In the next article you can read about football rules. The love of the football game is not just by the name. But great activities such as displays of high classic competition among the teams. Besides, the football game has gained popularity due to professional players who have made the game enjoyable. Out of football professionalism, several heroes have existed and built a legacy in the mindsets of football lovers. There are Legendary football players you can mention by their name before any football fan. And you will be surprised how the fan knows that player.

Some legendary football players, even some football fans, may not know them. But those legends’ history revolves around generation to generation. So here are the most well-known and famous legendary footballers in the history of soccer.

7 legendary football players

1. Diego Armando Maradona

Born on October 30th, 1960. And died on November 25th, 2020. Diego Armando Maradona is among the most remarkable World footballers. He was born in Lanus, Argentina, and in his career history, Diego played for several teams. In his senior career, he played for Argentinos Juniors, Napoli, Barcelona, Boca Juniors, Newell’s Old Boys, and Sevilla FC. As well, Diego was a key player for national teams both Argentina and Argentina U20. 

Diego Armando Maradona - legendary football players

As an attacking midfielder and 2nd striker, he showed great tactics in football, setting remarkable fame in the 20th century, winning the FIFA Player award twice. Making passes, dribbling, controlling the ball, and having strong stamina were the skills and features that enabled Diego to be the most recognized player in every game. 

In the 1986 World Cup, Diego, through the tournament, made remarkable goal creation and attempts, having 90 successful dribblings and benefiting his team with more than 53 fouls. Besides making an assist of more than 10 of 14 goals scored during the world cup, Maradona scored the winning goal. There is alot to mention about Diego Maradona and why he is the most recognized football player in football legacy. But let’s see other known legendary football players.

2. Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Until you mention Pele, most people may not know Edson Arantes, the greatest footballer of all time. Pele (nicknamed) is a Brazilian footballer and recognized among legendary football players whose legacy remains in the minds of football fans. He was born on October 23rd, 1940, in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Across the 20th century, Pele was among successful soccer legends in FIFA. And he played for New York Cosmos, Santos, and Brazil national teams. Pele is the only player who has won several World cups being recognized as a focal point for every attack in football history. In his senior career, Pele is the only player who managed to score more than 1199 goals. 

3. Zinedine Zidane

Popularly known as Zizou, Zinedine Zidane is a former French footballer whose retirement in football professionalism left many to wish he could continue playing soccer. He was born June 23rd, 1972, in La Castellane-Marseille in France. In his football career, Zidane won several tournaments, including expensive prizes. Through his career in Real Madrid and Juventus, Zizou won the Ballon d’Or. 

Zinedine Zidane

Many recognize Zidane due to the 1998 World Cup where he made an incredible play, enabling his team France to win the finals against Brazil. Zidane was among the legendary soccer players to shoot and score from outside the box in the football history of scoring incredible, unbelievable, and beautiful goals. During the Champions League finals against Bayer Leverkusen, many will remember him for making his team win the tournament.

4.Manuel Francisco dos Santos

Manuel Francisco dos Santos - legendary soccer players

Manuel Francisco dos Santos, commonly known as Garrincha, was born on October 28th, 1933, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and died on January 20th, 1983. Playing on his position of no.7, Garrincha is among iconic football players in the book of legendary football players. He made remarkable and memorable moments for his national team, Brazil, and the Botafogo football club in his career. He is remembered for his tricks, incredible skills, and tricks over opponents. In all world cups he played, Garrincha helped his teammates to shine, including Pele, through creating accurate passes and assists. However, in his last games career, the most memorable action of Garrincha was during the 1962 World Cup by scoring winning goals during the semifinals against Chile.

5. Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff

Talking of pioneer players in the list of legendary soccer players, Johan Cruyff is among the topmost footballers who have and will remain in the memories of football fans. Through his football career, Cruyff had a significant impact on both his national team and clubs. He played for Ajax and Barcelona football clubs, but Cruyff’s most remarkable moment is guiding Ajax to win several league titles and European Championships three times. Before joining Barcelona, the club had 14 years of not winning the title, but after Cruyff joined it, he won the first league title. 

6. Lionel Messi

In every game that Messi has, everyone’s an eye on him and expects high skills in dribbling, tricks, freekicks, and scoring at all times. Messi is among the famous, recognized, loved, well-known soccer players recently entering the book of legendary soccer players. Every team opponent played against Messi has enough words to explain who Messi is. 

Lionel Messi - legendary footballers

Defenders who ever met and tried to stop Messi from scoring have no words to utter as he deployed and destroyed them, goalkeepers always finding Messi’s shots behind the net. Just beginning his legacy in 2005, Messi has secured most titles with the football club Barcelona. In his history, Messi has won the Ballon d’Or more than five times. He has also taken his national team to win several cups, although he never won any World Cup tournament.

7. Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo Nazario - legendary football players

He is the former Brazilian professional football player who, in his history, built a strong football legacy. Perhaps, he is among the greatest legendary soccer players of all time who played for his national team Brazil, football clubs such as Corinthians, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Cruzeiro, Inter Milan, PSV, and Barcelona. In every game he played, Ronaldo made assists, stunning goals, tricks, freekicks, and dribbling that brought much entertainment and joy to the world of football. 

Legendary soccer players – conclusion

Football is one of the most loved sports that has produced the greatest legendary soccer players of the time. And perhaps, these world football legends have made the taste of soccer a source of entertainment and joy. Most of the legends, in other words, are the key for football fans to stick in the soccer sport; that is why their legacy will remain in the minds of many across the world.

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