Radball cycle football match

Cycle Ball Rules

In recent years, cycling football (radball) has massively gained popularity as one of the most common indoor games in Europe. Not only is it an exciting sport to watch, but it also comes with huge benefits for betting enthusiasts. Soccer with bikes involves two teams playing football while riding a bicycle across the basketball field, aiming to score more goals. If you’re looking for the proper guide on cycling football, then you’re in the right place. This article provides a complete insight into bicycle football, including cycle ball rules and strategy tips. In the next article you will find the basic rules of futsal.

What is cycle ball?

Cycle ball is a unique sport that combines elements of cycling and soccer, played on bicycles on an indoor court

How many players are on each team in cycle ball?

Each team consists of two players.

How long does a cycle ball match typically last?

A cycle ball match consists of two halves, with each half lasting 7-10 minutes.

What is the objective of cycle ball?

The objective of cycle ball is to score goals by hitting the ball into the opponent’s goal using only the wheels of the bicycle.

Can players use their hands or feet to play the ball in cycle ball?

No, players cannot use their hands or feet to play the ball in cycle ball. They can only use their wheels, bike frame, and their bodies to control and strike the ball.

Cycle Ball Rules 

Bike football is an indoor football game that involves two players, one acting as a field player and goalkeeper. It’ll be important to understand the rules governing the play when looking to enjoy the sport. Below are the cycle ball rules you need to consider when gaming. If you are interested, you can also learn how to play football for beginners.

Bicycle in football

1. Duration and playing field

Before playing the game, it’s important to understand the playing ground dimension and the play duration. A standard match consists of two halves with seven minutes each playing time. After the first half, you’ll get two minutes to refresh. In addition, it’s important to understand that you’ll need to play within the confined cycle-ball court. The approximate size of the court should be 14*11 meters and with a slanted 30cm tall board.

2. Starting the match 

Before the game starts, the referee will toss a coin to determine the team starting the play. If you win the toss, the referee will allow you to start the game’s first half while the opponent starts the game in the second half. After the referee blows the whistle, you can start the play by using your bike’s rear or front wheel to strike the ball on the center point. 

Cycle ball rules and three players

3. Riding the soccer bicycle

When having your bicycle in football, it’s very important to consider how you ride it when playing the game. The cycle ball rules prohibit using the hands or feet to handle the ball while playing bike football. You can only use your hands and feet when handling the handles, bars, and pedals. Additionally, the rules allow you to use headers while on the bike, where you can score by hitting the ball using your head. 

While on the bike, it’s important to avoid leaning on the ball, goal post, or floor as it leads to disqualification. In addition, while the game proceeds, you can use your hands off the handlebar if you’re a goalkeeper. Lastly, rules also simultaneously prohibit two players from the same team in the penalty area.

4. Illegal acts or play

When playing the game, players can sometimes go against the rules. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to understand that the rules prohibit certain behaviors or acts from the players. For example, as players, you shouldn’t purposely push or grasp your opponent, shout or play dangerously to your opponents.

Soccer bicycle football rules

5. Free kicks 

The rules allow the referee to provide a free kick when a player has committed an offense outside their penalty area. After the referee provides the foul against your team, you should move a least 4 meters from the offense area. You can only move towards the ball after the opponents have served it or the referee whistles.

6. Penalty kicks

When playing, the referee will award a penalty if you commit serious offenses inside the penalty area. The referee can also award the penalty if a player uses serious faults like pulling the opponents to stop scoring. Lastly, stopping your opponent from taking a goal kick can also lead to a penalty. When taking the penalty kick, you have to strike the ball directly without bluffing it towards the goal.

Cycle Football Strategy Tips

Whether you’re an expert or beginner in indoor bike football, there are certain strategic tips you need to consider to get the best results or score more goals. Let’s look at the soccer with bikes strategy tips.

Soccer with bikes cycle ball rules
HONG KONG – AUGUST 17: Dominik Planzer (L) of Switzerland and Yosuke Fujita of Japan fight for the ball during the UCI Cycle-Ball World Cup on August 17, 2013 at the Chai Wan Sports Centre in Hong Kong, China. (Photo by Victor Fraile/Getty Images)

1. Choose a proper seat height 

While gaming, the height of your soccer bicycle is very important to determine the results you get from the game. Importantly, when playing, you need to set your bike appropriately by ensuring that your knee bends at 90 degrees and the thigh is parallel to the floor. Lastly, ensure that your hip joints align to the seat to achieve top results while gaming. 

2. Check the posture of your legs

Apart from adjusting the seat, it’ll be imperative to check the angle of your legs to ensure you get the appropriate position while gaming. It’ll be important to slide or slip your feet into the bicycle’s pedal when preparing for your game. An appropriate posture of your legs will be an important factor to allow you to pedal safely and efficiently while having your game. It increases the potential of scoring more goals. 

Three cycling bike football players

3. Keep your chest up and back flat while gaming

When gaming, you need the correct posture to increase your effectiveness and ability to score more goals. Experts advise that you should have your chest up and back flat when playing the game. This posture helps you to keep your eyes up and face the opponents or the ball. Having your eyes set on the ball will help you avoid colliding with your opponent or missing the target. 

4. Check on the weight back and the handlebars

Most beginners to soccer find it hard to balance their weight on the bike while playing, as they tend to have too much weight on the handlebar. It’s important to understand that too much weight on the handlebars will result in giving your legs a break. Therefore, it’ll be good to keep the hips over the pedals to help maintain a loose grip on your bicycle’s bar. This position helps to reduce the unnecessary weight to the shoulders or wrists to help you avoid injuries while gaming.

Cycle Ball Rules – Conclusion 

Cycle ball is one of the most growing indoor football worldwide, with organizers planning annual championships in most European states. It’s an exciting game for all the players to enjoy despite their level of expertise. Despite being similar to regular football, these sporting activities have some unique radball rules you’ll need to understand. Understanding the basic cycle ball rules and strategic tips will be essential to enhance your gaming experience and achieve more success.